Founder, Dorothee loves to work for designers & entrepreneurs who have a clear and strong vision or belief. In her work she takes the brand-identity and values seriously. Understanding the people, their culture & style, building a brand inside out is what she does best. Translating this into unique brand designs, touchpoints and exclusive content, so that people are inspired and become truly brand ambassadors is her mission. Vitalising and sparkling up unique brands!

She supports rising designers, marketing managers and entrepreneurs while their business is growing. Helping them by being analytic, empathetic, creative, human-driven and simply being bold. For the last 10 years, she has build a creative network around her of copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, trendwatchers etc. which she loves to work with.

If you like to know how we can vitalize and sparkle up your brand? Please contactΒ Dorothee.

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