Each rising designer/entrepreneur has different challenges in branding or promoting their unique products. From creating a strong brand to repositioning the brand in the market, fixing the inconsistency in branding or a lack of growing fans and followers. It all starts with capturing the soul of the brand and building a strong and unique brand inside out, so people are truly inspired and become a brand ambassador.

We can help you in the following way:
—  By creating a unique, high-end Brand Design
—  By creating a unique high-end webshop, brand images & print work
—  By capturing and telling the Brand Story through inspiring content
—  By creating unique social media content
—  By styling popups and tradestands
—  By setting up the best collaborations with influencers that matches the soul of your brand
—  By setting up and implement a marketing/communication year plan

See some clients of us or read their recommandations. Mail or call Dorothee 06-14 37 38 25 to hear what she can do, to vitalize your brand !


To create a strong and inspiring brand we work strongly with the people of the brand because we believe that the soul of the brand is already captured in the entrepreneurs/designers. It’s our mission to maximize their values, mission, vision, and style with exclusive content, design, and styling so it stands out.

In our approach we follow these steps:
— Capturing the essence of your brand
— Scanning and analyzing all the brand expressions (360 degrees)
— Defining the target group(s)
— Creating a brand-masterplan and communication-plan
— Producing branding- and communication-products and exclusive content
— Measuring and evaluating the actions

Email or call Dorothee 06-14 37 38 25 to hear what she can do, to vitalize your brand! See some of our clients or read their recommendations

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